Omlet’s Topology Luxury Dog Bed (Review)

The Omlet Topology dog bed is the ultimate, stylish and durable dog bed for your furry friend.

Omlet’s Topology Luxury Dog Bed (Review)
A photo of the Topology bed just after being built. The fabric is slightly creased but soon smoothed out. Photo by author / Bulldog called Luna
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My recommendation: 5/5

Omlet's Topology dog bed is something you'd only imagine seeing in the future – but it's here now and I highly recommend it.

I have been looking for a new dog bed for quite a while since Luna my Bulldog completely destroyed her previous Silentnight memory foam mattress.

Bulldogs are known for their recreational chewing, but this can be costly if it becomes destructive!

So while I needed a new dog bed, I was nervous about spending a lot of money on something that could have the same fate a few months later.

That said, I decided to invest in the Topology bed because it's a raised dog bed, its modern and sophisticated look made me happy. Plus, I want Luna to have the best sleeps so its premium memory foam mattress really gave me the nudge I needed.

Luna rates this bed 10/10. From the moment it was built, she jumped in and snoozed off in seconds.

Omlet Topology - Luxury Dog Bed

Omlet's Topology dog bed is the best dog bed i've come across so far in my dog dad journey. Its chic look fits all modern interiors and is built to to last, even the roughest of Bulldogs.

+ Modern appearance
+ High quality fabric
+ Customisable feet and toppers
+ Built to last

- Fairly expensive

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  • Easy clean. Toppers and mattress covers are machine washable.
  • Ultimate comfort. Premium memory foam mattress for uninterrupted nights.
  • Toppers. Zip a topper off and ziper another on for easy changing.
  • Elevated. Raised off the floor with interchangeable feet, for comfort and hygiene.
  • Sustainable. No need to replace the whole bed, simply replace the parts you need.

What's to like

  • Style. Modern and minimalistic its sure to fit into most interiors.
  • Quality. Equipped with a premium memory foam mattress, your pooch is guaranteed to get a good nights sleep, day in day out. Plus with the concealed zip out of sight and out of mind, it will not be seen as a chew toy.
  • Versatility. With its customisable feet and toppers, you can continuously update the look and feel of your dog's bed by buying the interchangeable feet and toppers.
    Feet - none, wood, hairpin, metal rail
    Toppers - bolster, quilted, beanbag, microfibre, sheepskin
  • Durability. Unlike other dog beds, Topology comes included with a waterproof casing to prevent mucky pups from soiling or damaging the microfibre mattress. Something I hadn't thought of before - genius.

What's not to like

  • Price. There's cheaper beds, but you really do get what you pay for. This bed is an investment, but an investment I was happy making if it meant my Bulldog would sleep comfortably for years to come.

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Final thoughts

In my view this is the best raised dog bed for bulldogs out there, its durable and made of high quality fabric giving me confidence it will last a while.

Plus the versatility of the customisation sets this apart from other brands.

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